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Ubuntu 12.04 - Precise Pangolin

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28 July 2012   « Precise Pangolin » release


This project aims to provide packages for the Ubuntu Linux distribution which are not available through Ubuntu itself. These packages have the only purpose of providing up-to-date software (mainly for desktop usage) to the users of the stable release of Ubuntu Linux.

The repository provided here is not a substitute of the official packages in any way. It is just a personal interest I have about how to make packages the right way and make them available to people who wish to use software not available on the main distribution and not yet available on the backports tree. This repository is a complement to the official packages.

I always do my best to provide non intrusive and correctly backported packages. The software available here is targeted to the stable release Precise Pangolin and is from one of the following sources:

Can these packages break my Ubuntu

Well, there's always a risk eventhough it is very limited. These packages are tested and used everyday by lots of people (according to traffic stats), myself included and I haven't received a single complain yet. Anyway, I'm just the packager of the software, not the developper and if it fails to work properly on your system, there's little I can do to fix it.

On the matter of upgrade/dist-upgrade, there's nothing to worry about. The extension I add to the packages version is known to be APT compliant. Everything after the tilda sign (~) is ignored by APT for versioning considerations. So, when you dist-uprade to a new version of Ubuntu, you fall under one of these conditions :

Why is the server so slow and lots of timeouts

This repository is hosted on an ISP webpages space. This is a strict minimal service with no warranty of any kind. This does the job but it's slow and the server is mutualised with many other sites from other customers.

Import signing key into APT

Signing is available to ensure that you download packages I really made myself
The key finger print is :

0DDB 9651 40FC 8BBD 31F9 98D3 8CC6 8B39 7E2E 4741

You have to download the Morgoth signing key, import it into APT trusted repositories database by issuing the following command in a shell (terminal) :

wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -

Add this repository to your sources list

To add this repository to your « /etc/apt/sources.list », append this line :

deb precise main

If you also wish to access the Source packages, append this line too :

deb-src precise main

List of the 2 packages available for « Precise Pangolin »

If you wish, you can browse the repository

Package Version Description
uade-uade123 2.13-1+morgoth1  Plays old Amiga tunes through UAE emulation & Eagleplayer API
uade-uade123-git 2.13.20110917-1+morgoth1  Plays old Amiga tunes through UAE emulation & Eagleplayer API